Christmas Tartan

Whew, finals are over! My apologies for being slightly absent on my blog and social media this past week, but finals week, y’all- it’s rough. Now that this crazy busy semester is over and Christmas break is here, I’ll be spending much more time blogging!!

It’s been so chilly lately, so to make this skirt and boots combo more winter appropriate, I wore some tights and thick socks, and threw on my favorite coat. I’m thinking this will be a potential Christmas Eve outfit because it’s not to fancy and it’s super comfortable.











Skirt: Forever 21 • Flannel: Forever 21 • Duffel Coat: Old Navy • Boots: similar • Socks: Forever 21 • Necklace: Forever 21 • Glasses: J.Crew Factory

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How to Stay Calm During Finals

For most of us, finals are next week (unless you had your’s this week and are already on break, because if you are, I’m jealous of you) and stress levels are rising and rising. For me, this year’s finals have definitely been the most hectic for two reasons; 1.) it’s junior year and 2.) my school has always had finals after break and it’s difficult to adjust to the two week shorter semester. If you’re feeling like me with a lot on your plate, here is some advice to (try) and end finals week in one piece.

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 2.55.12 PM


Make Lists

This is a huge one for me, and not just during finals. It’s key to keep a list so there’s no way you’ll forget an important task. When I say make lists, I mean two things: keep a planner and make a to-do list. It may seem like a lot but it may really help you to use these two types of lists. I use my jumbo Lilly Pulitzer planner (the size is perfect if you’re a busy person) to write tasks down at school and during busy weeks like the past few. Then when I get home, I also take all the tasks from my planner and put them onto a list so I can chronologically complete the assignments. I also put personal tasks on the to-do list so everything I need to finish is all in one place (as opposed to a planner and floating around in my head).

Drink Caffeine but Not Too Much

If you are a person that isn’t too sensitive to caffeine, then it could definitely be a useful tool to keep you energized. Be careful though, it’s easy to overdose on caffeine during finals season. This is not ideal because too much caffeine may lead to anxiety, headaches, nausea, and not being able to get adequate sleep which is vital (source). Also, if you are drinking too much caffeine (do not to exceed 500mg a day), you could develop a tolerance to it which in turn causes a cup of coffee to not boost your energy like it used to; caffeine tolerance could also lead you to hardly be able to get through your day without a cup of coffee.

Listen to Music

If music boosts your study sessions, experiment to get a feel for which kind of music you work best while listening to. Some prefer classical or relaxation music because it has no words and other prefer upbeat songs that motivate them. Personally, I’ve noticed I’m very productive when listening to “vocal jazz” music (think Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin, etc).

Take Smart Breaks

We all have taken “study breaks” that last an hour and all of the sudden we are watching a youtube video on how to make soap… Don’t do this. I promise you, it’s not worth it. Taking smart breaks begins with the timing, so after 50/60 minutes of nothing but studying, take a 10 minute break. During this break, you could go get a piece of fruit, do some jumping jacks and crunches, make yourself some tea, or pick out your outfit for tomorrow. What you’ll want to avoid is social media on this break because it’s way too easy to get distracted. Another don’t would be a “power nap”, even if t’s just 20 minutes, because if your brain is fried, a short nap could very well turn into a two hour long nap.

Power Down

To avoid any of those study break distractions, simply log out of all of your social media before you start your work. However, if you still think you might slip, temporarily delete your apps that may distract you. If you have next to no self control (and don’t use your phone for music), turn your phone off.

Get in Comfortable Clothing

What you’re wearing makes all the difference. Although a lot of people, myself included, find that they work well when they are in normal clothes, after spending the whole day at school, sometimes jeans just aren’t the best option. I like to wear leggings and a long sleeve so that I’m comfortable but not to the point where I look like I just woke up from hibernation which, in turn, makes me feel that way too.

Drink Water

So important. Really we should be drinking water all the time, but if that’s difficult for you to remember, at least make sure you’re drinking enough during busy times like finals. I’ve noticed a big difference in my overall wellbeing when I started to drink two or three nalgenes a day (this kind is my favorite-it will never spill on you).

Get Sleep

Probably the most important piece of advice out there for students. Yes, some people function great on 5 hours of sleep and yes, I know it’s difficult to get much more than that when you’ve got finals around the corner. However, 8 hours can only do good things for your health, attitude, and productivity; or if you are like me, you might need at least 7 hours of sleep to function. If you work hard early on in the evening, you will free up more time for sleep!

Declutter your Workspace

This might be a resented task for the messier people reading this, but having a clean desk or workspace translates into having a clean mind. If you are working with clutter all around you, you may easily get anxious or distracted by all the nick-nacks and dirty laundry laying around. I personally have to have my room spotless to be able to work efficiently, and I find it almost therapeutic to clean my room and desk.

Study in a Quiet Place

Not only is it important to keep a clean space, but a quiet place can boost productivity also. If listening to music whole working is not for you, you’ll want to make sure you at least work somewhere quiet.

Drink Tea

I’ve become such a tea person this year and I can truly say that tea is beneficial in many ways. Caffeinated tea will provide energy, but without the potential risks and helps focus me. Tea also has many health benefits (and it tastes really darn good too).


Keep in mind, these are all study tips that have helped me personally.  Remember, finals are only a few days long and you don’t have to put your whole life on hold and loose all your sanity. We’re all feeling a little stressed under the finals pressure, but Matthew 11:28-30 is a good verse to keep in mind for times like these!

You got this!

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Stripes & Suede

We’ve been having a wonderful warm weather this week so I got the chance to wear one of my favorite skirts from Old Navy, however, this will probably be the last week of skirt weather this year. It has been warm (60s) but not warm enough to go without boots and a light jacket (and a hot peppermint mocha!). Though not exactly a winter-y outfit, I’m making a mental note for next autumn that this outfit works perfect for fall temperatures like we’ve been enjoying lately!



DSC_0124 (1)




DSC_0061 (1)



Shirt: Old Navy • Skirt: Old Navy • Jacket: J.Crew (old, this season’s) • Boots: Nordstrom Rack (similar)  Watch: gifted

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Gift Ideas for under $25

I’ve come across a new saying on Instagram recently and it’s using “Christmas” instead of December (i.e. Tuesday was Christmas 1st). Pretty clever if you ask me! With that established, I can now say that it’s Christmas 5th and I’m so happy. I spent a lot of money since last friday and if you’re in the same boat I am (trying to dig yourself out of the huge financial hole you just made), you probably don’t have the biggest budget for Christmas gifts. On the other hand, if someone (maybe a friend or sibling) has asked you what you want and you are thinking of what to ask for at a lower price point, just keep reading.

Whether you’re looking for inexpensive gifts to ask for or looking for gift ideas, I hope this gift guide can give you a little holiday inspiration!


Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.49.06 PM.png(links to products in collage)

• Eyeshadow Palettes •

Although we all want a 50 dollar Naked palette, it’s super easy to come by well made eyeshadow palettes for as low as $10. Ulta always has cheap ones; here are some options I found on

Maybelline the nudes

NYX the smoky palette

 Maybelline the blushed nudes 

 NYX dream catcher palette 

• Skincare • 

Who doesn’t love new skincare products- anything from moisturizers to scrubs to eye creams to face masks to body butters are pretty much guaranteed to be an awesome (and cheap) gift. Check Ulta, Target, and TJ Maxx for deals on skincare products.

SheaMoisture coconut & hibiscus scrub

Trader Joe’s coconut body butter

 Soap & Glory hand food 

 C. Booth egyptian argan oil body butter 

 • Bath Products •

The people have spoken: Lush rules! A bath bomb, body wash, bubble bath, bath oil, or lotion bar are all dirt cheap and super fun if you make a little spa set.

Dr. Teal lavender foaming bath

Lush dreamtime bath melt

Lush The Icing on the Cake shower smoothie

Lush bath bombs

• Passport Holders •

If you or the potential gift receiver loves to travel, a stylish new passport holder is a perfect gift idea.

J.Crew Factory leather passport case getaway passport holder 

• Jewelry •

 Statement necklaces are perfect for the holidays as well as year round, so stop by Forever 21 to see what they have (the quality is better than most make it out to be). They also have a good selection of more delicate pieces. J.Crew Factory is great for bracelets and earrings under $25 and are of better quality than the price may lend itself to!

J. Crew Factory gold and crystal link bracelet

Forever 21 tasseled faux stone necklace

J.Crew Factory tortoise tassel earrings

Forever 21 faux gem statement necklace

• Cold Weather Accessories •

Hats, gloves, ear muffs, and scarves are always practical and nice gifts to receive! Target, Forever 21, and Old Navy always have deals on these items.

J.Crew Factory knit hat with faux fur pom pom

Old Navy faux fur funnel scarf

J.Crew Factory faux leather tech gloves

J.Crew Factory plaid scarf

• Hair Accessories •

Things like headbands, barrettes, and clips aren’t something we buy ourselves too often, so they’re perfect gifts to give or to ask for!

J.Crew Factory leopard headband

Urban Outfitters faux fur pom pony tail holder

J.Crew Factory tortoise bow barrette

Lululemon skinny fly away tamer headband

• Wallets, Pouches, and Cosmetic Bags •

Pouches or cosmetic bags are such great gifts to give because you can fill them up with a fun things your giftee will love. It’s much easier to find wallets and cosmetic bags in stores, at stores like Target or Forever 21.

Urban Outfitters wool pouch

Forever 21 faux leather card holder

Target Ashley Mary daydreamer pencil case

• Socks •

‘Tis the season for warm and cozy socks! From over the knee socks to camp socks, we could all use some because they’re always getting lost.

Forever 21 textured over-the-knee socks

J.Crew Factory camp socks

Madewell nomadic trouser socks

Urban Outfitters marled varsity stripe over-the-knee socks

• Mugs •

I know that I’m always excited to get a new mug and if you or whomever the gift will be going to are tea or coffee lovers, a mug or thermos is always welcomed.

Anthropologie monogram mug (gold version)

Urban Outfitters kitty tea mug

Anthropology mooreland mug

Other inexpensive gifts ideas are stationary, pajamas (usually under $25 at target), candles, trinket dishes, journals, and books (think Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie).

Happy gifting!

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November Favorites

Two things. One, I usually only post on Wednesday’s and Saturdays but because I didn’t post last Wednesday, here’s a surprise post to make up for it. Two, where did November go? October and November just flew by and I’m really hoping December doesn’t also because this is the most wonderful time of the year, as we all know!


Anyways, a new month brings new purchases and new favorites, so let’s get started!

Signature Soy Candles (from Target)

Target makes some wonderful holiday candles at a super cheap price. The mini ones are only 5 dollars, so I made sure to stock up on a handful of those. My favorite scent is “hot buttered rum” which smells kind of like bread in the oven, and “sleigh ride”.

Ecotools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

My foundation that I use now, Revlon ColorStay, works alright for me, but when I was using my Real Techniques foundation brush, it left a lot of streaks so rather than getting a new foundation and adding to my foundation graveyard, I bough this ecotools brush and I have not one bad thing to say about it. It it super soft and does an excellent job of bending and buffing foundation into my skin.

Revlon Nail Polish

The color “cherries in the snow” is the perfect red (slightly cool toned) for the holidays. The formula is not A+ though because it chips a bit, but I bet a special non-chip topcoat would help that.

Rimmel “Lasting Finish by Kate” Lipstick 


I have the color 104 (bottom) and 107 (top) and find them to be wonderful fall lip colors. Both look great with a thin layer as well as a heavier application for a bolder look. 104 is a nice Kylie Jenner-esque color and 107 is a classic berry.

Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather

I’ve been meaning to get a color tattoo for a while and I’m so glad I did. I use it all the time in the crease or as a subtle eyeliner. The texture is nice and creamy, and the opacity is very customizable. I have the color “creamy beige”.

Sleek Makeup Contour Kit

I’m personally not a huge fan of bronzer because they always turn up orange on my skin, but I’ve never been able to find an affordable contour kit until now. This compact has a much cooler toned powder than bronzers I’ve tried, but doesn’t look sickly or gray at all. The highlight is also so pretty! I have the color light

 LL Bean Boots


Yep, you heard it here (last) that Bean Boots seriously rock. They are without a doubt the best made and best looking of all the snow boots in the lineup. I will say, they don’t keep my feet feeling like I’m sitting in front of the fireplace, but a thick pair of socks will help that.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Face Cream

Holy cow, this cream comes in a huge tub and is only $11 at my Target! Cetaphil is always promises to be very gentle on dry, sensitive skin like mine. I love the fact that it takes a while to soak in, so when I put my (almost matte) foundation on top of the moisturizer, it appears much more fresh and dewy because the skin underneath is super moisturized and almost “oily”, which makes up for the risky combination of dry skin and matte foundation.

Coconut Oil, Honey & Egg Hair Mask

I’ve never used a face mask before, so I thought I would DIY it, and let me tell you, my hair was so soft and shiny after! Since curly hair gets much drier than straight hair, once every week or two would be sufficient for you curly girls reading this.


As quick as this month went by, I am overjoyed that Christmas is around the corner!

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Navy or Nothing

For today’s post, I’m wearing the same outfit I wore black friday shopping (seen on my Instagram) because it combines many of my favorite style elements, including stripes, the color navy, bean boots, cuffed jeans, and my brand spanking new duffle coat; I can tell this look will be a new go-to.

The striped boatneck and the duffle coat are definitely my two favorite purchases from black friday. I’m glad to have finally gotten my hands on a navy and white striped boatneck, because my wardrobe didn’t feel complete without one. A navy coat has also been on my list for a while now, and I’m glad I found an inexpensive one that is still cozy (especially with the faux fur lined hood). They are both super thick, made well, and classic.








Tote: Longchamp • Duffle Coat: Old Navy • Striped Boatneck (navy & white): J.Crew Factory • Jeans: Banana Republic Factory • Boots: LL Bean (back ordered) • “Love” ring: Old Navy • Tortoise Watch: gifted

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My Thanksgiving Outfit

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in skirts with a sweater over because it’s a comfortable, and a little less casual of a combo (as opposed to jeans and a sweater). With that said, I’ve decided on an outfit for Thanksgiving this year and I must say, I’m pretty pleased with it. The cozy sweater is quite forgiving for a tummy full of turkey and mashed potatoes. For the purpose of this shoot, I added one of my favorite  quilted jackets and my trusty Coach crossbody. If I were going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, however, I would definitely wear the bag and jacket out. I love the thick wool skirt with the cable knit, accompanied by the quilted jacket and the leather of the boots and bag- it’s a classic, rustic outfit ideal for Thanksgiving.









Jacket: Old Navy  (similar) • Skirt: Forever 21 (last season)  • Sweater: Forever 21 • Bag: Vintage Coach • Boots: Enzo Angiolini (sold out) • Socks: Forever 21

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