Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is eight days away! I simply cannot wait for a short, but sweet break from school filled with family, chilly weather, black friday shopping, turkey, and most excitingly, the real beginning of the Christmas season!

Depending on where you’re spending Thanksgiving, I have a few different outfits from a little inspiration, because I know I’m always in need of that.

Thanksgiving is the best time to debut your new coat, scarf, flannel, you name it. A classic, preppy ensemble for Thanksgiving is the dressing on the turkey, if you ask me (but, hey, if you want to wear sweatpants to fit in all those rolls and mashed potatoes, you go for it).

Here are a few ideas:


A nice duffel coat, a pair of tights, and a statement necklace amp up any outfit. (via)

hunter boots wellies black gloss tall-4.jpg

Rain wellies with skirts and long coats will never do you wrong, I promise. (via)


All black with a camel coat and plaid clutch- so classic! (via)

covering the bases-4.jpg

Plaid & a white button down compliment each other so well. (via)


Just in case you’re feeling festive (and fancy) a little earlier this year. (via)


Go ladylike with a long coat and a LBD! (via)

chinet covering the bases-6.jpg

A cable knit and a field coat (ah, Barbour) is a no fail combination. I love the sweater over the skirt for a casual (and way more comfy) outfit. (via)


Can you tell I like skirts? For me, a skirt, sweater, and boots is a fool proof way to look put together for for trip over the river and through the woods. If you’re struggling with an outfit, think the preppy basics: cable knit, field coat, tights, riding boots, pearls, wool coat, monochromatic, rain wellies, thick socks, tartan, navy… the list goes on!

Hopefully this post provided you with some inspiration for undeniably, one of the best holidays of the year.

monogram 154x154


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