All Wrapped Up

Yet again, snow has fallen here in Colorado, but more than a dusting this time. It’s warmed up a bit since then, which means a blanket scarf and boots will do (for now). I feel like this scarf was ridiculously overworn last fall and winter. It was quite the fad, but personally, I still love wearing my version of the infamous Zara one. It’s a shame that I never really knew about blanket scarves before, but I’m glad they came about sooner rather than later  because now I love a cozy blanket scarf to wrap up on a blustery day. The best part about a blanket scarf is being able to hide half your face in it… I hope I’m not the only one who sits in class buried in their scarf.




IMG_7276 IMG_7237


Scarf: Forever 21 (last season, identical options: 1, 2, 3) • Jeans: Banana Republic Factory • Top: Gap • Socks: Forever 21

monogram 154x154


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