Cold but Cozy

Not happy to say we had our first snow of the season (well, a little, but I’m still not ready for cold weather). Since it went from hot to cold real quick, I got the chance to break out my Bean boots that I got last May. I waited six months because of a back order and because someone took them off my front porch but now that I am able to wear them, I plan on wearing these into the dirt. These boots are a quality classic and will last quite some time. A little word of advice, if you want these for this winter, order them as soon as you can, because they are already backordered now that the cold weather rolls around. IMG_6870





IMG_6866 (1)


Boots: LL Bean • Vest: J.Crew Factory • Scarf: Forever 21 (not online, similar) • Jeans: Gap (my first pair of gap jeans in a while, and the “resolution” ones fit so well) • Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) • Socks: Forever 21

monogram 154x154


2 thoughts on “Cold but Cozy

  1. I love the colors in your scarf! I got my bean boots last year, and was able to beat the backorder by ordering men’s sizing instead of women’s! It seems that they’re becoming so in demand that even that won’t work, but I know I wear my pair CONSTANTLY!

    Carly June |


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