Navy or Nothing

For today’s post, I’m wearing the same outfit I wore black friday shopping (seen on my Instagram) because it combines many of my favorite style elements, including stripes, the color navy, bean boots, cuffed jeans, and my brand spanking new duffle coat; I can tell this look will be a new go-to.

The striped boatneck and the duffle coat are definitely my two favorite purchases from black friday. I’m glad to have finally gotten my hands on a navy and white striped boatneck, because my wardrobe didn’t feel complete without one. A navy coat has also been on my list for a while now, and I’m glad I found an inexpensive one that is still cozy (especially with the faux fur lined hood). They are both super thick, made well, and classic.








Tote: Longchamp • Duffle Coat: Old Navy • Striped Boatneck (navy & white): J.Crew Factory • Jeans: Banana Republic Factory • Boots: LL Bean (back ordered) • “Love” ring: Old Navy • Tortoise Watch: gifted

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My Thanksgiving Outfit

If you read my last post, you’ll know that I am a firm believer in skirts with a sweater over because it’s a comfortable, and a little less casual of a combo (as opposed to jeans and a sweater). With that said, I’ve decided on an outfit for Thanksgiving this year and I must say, I’m pretty pleased with it. The cozy sweater is quite forgiving for a tummy full of turkey and mashed potatoes. For the purpose of this shoot, I added one of my favorite  quilted jackets and my trusty Coach crossbody. If I were going to someone else’s house for Thanksgiving, however, I would definitely wear the bag and jacket out. I love the thick wool skirt with the cable knit, accompanied by the quilted jacket and the leather of the boots and bag- it’s a classic, rustic outfit ideal for Thanksgiving.









Jacket: Old Navy  (similar) • Skirt: Forever 21 (last season)  • Sweater: Forever 21 • Bag: Vintage Coach • Boots: Enzo Angiolini (sold out) • Socks: Forever 21

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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving is eight days away! I simply cannot wait for a short, but sweet break from school filled with family, chilly weather, black friday shopping, turkey, and most excitingly, the real beginning of the Christmas season!

Depending on where you’re spending Thanksgiving, I have a few different outfits from a little inspiration, because I know I’m always in need of that.

Thanksgiving is the best time to debut your new coat, scarf, flannel, you name it. A classic, preppy ensemble for Thanksgiving is the dressing on the turkey, if you ask me (but, hey, if you want to wear sweatpants to fit in all those rolls and mashed potatoes, you go for it).

Here are a few ideas:


A nice duffel coat, a pair of tights, and a statement necklace amp up any outfit. (via)

hunter boots wellies black gloss tall-4.jpg

Rain wellies with skirts and long coats will never do you wrong, I promise. (via)


All black with a camel coat and plaid clutch- so classic! (via)

covering the bases-4.jpg

Plaid & a white button down compliment each other so well. (via)


Just in case you’re feeling festive (and fancy) a little earlier this year. (via)


Go ladylike with a long coat and a LBD! (via)

chinet covering the bases-6.jpg

A cable knit and a field coat (ah, Barbour) is a no fail combination. I love the sweater over the skirt for a casual (and way more comfy) outfit. (via)


Can you tell I like skirts? For me, a skirt, sweater, and boots is a fool proof way to look put together for for trip over the river and through the woods. If you’re struggling with an outfit, think the preppy basics: cable knit, field coat, tights, riding boots, pearls, wool coat, monochromatic, rain wellies, thick socks, tartan, navy… the list goes on!

Hopefully this post provided you with some inspiration for undeniably, one of the best holidays of the year.

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All Wrapped Up

Yet again, snow has fallen here in Colorado, but more than a dusting this time. It’s warmed up a bit since then, which means a blanket scarf and boots will do (for now). I feel like this scarf was ridiculously overworn last fall and winter. It was quite the fad, but personally, I still love wearing my version of the infamous Zara one. It’s a shame that I never really knew about blanket scarves before, but I’m glad they came about sooner rather than later  because now I love a cozy blanket scarf to wrap up on a blustery day. The best part about a blanket scarf is being able to hide half your face in it… I hope I’m not the only one who sits in class buried in their scarf.




IMG_7276 IMG_7237


Scarf: Forever 21 (last season, identical options: 1, 2, 3) • Jeans: Banana Republic Factory • Top: Gap • Socks: Forever 21

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Style Inspiration • Sydney Carver

This month I wanted to share another one of my style and blogging inspirations: Sydney who blogs at Summer Wind. To sum up her style, she dresses with a perfect combination of classic, preppy outfits as well as soft and ladylike ensembles. Every single outfit I see, I love! She is also the one who confirmed my love for Ferregamo vara pumps and varina flats which I vow to own one day (first picture)!








I love following @summerwind41490 to see the multitudes of pretty coats, wrist stacks, and gorgeous shoes!

Happy Wednesday!

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Cold Weather Coat Edit

November is the month of transition from crisp fall weather to steadily cold temperatures, and what’s better than a new coat to keep you warm? I love getting a coat that is very functional, but has a classic style element to it (rather than a winter down jacket). Some of these coats are lighter, and some can be worn in those winter temperatures that November holds.

Chateau Parka from J.Crew


I love this type of jacket- it combines warmth and style perfectly! Here is a cheaper version at J.Crew Factory.

Quilted Jacket from J.Crew Factory


Navy, quilted, gold accents… can’t go wrong here!

Downtown Field Jacket from J.Crew


I’ve heard very positive things about this jacket, and it seems like the best light jacket for autumn. I think this “deep burgundy” color is new, and I’m loving that too!

Peacoat from Old Navy


I have this coat and wear it all the time. It’s pretty good quality and matches everything. A camel colored coat is an essential! J.Crew Factory also has a wonderful peacoat.

Faux-Shearling Bomber Jacket from Old Navy


More of a trendy option, I really am drawn to the bomber with shearling hybrid!

Textured Bouclé Coat from J.Crew Factory 


I wish I could pull off a bold, modern coat like this. I’ve been loving red for this season, and this would be the perfect statement piece. Navy is also available, which is a win in my book!

Barbour Beadnell


This jacket is beautiful is the most classic, well made form!

There you have it, my fall coat edit for those colder temperatures rolling in. I wish I could own all these, because a good coat is truly a wonderful thing!

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Cold but Cozy

Not happy to say we had our first snow of the season (well, a little, but I’m still not ready for cold weather). Since it went from hot to cold real quick, I got the chance to break out my Bean boots that I got last May. I waited six months because of a back order and because someone took them off my front porch but now that I am able to wear them, I plan on wearing these into the dirt. These boots are a quality classic and will last quite some time. A little word of advice, if you want these for this winter, order them as soon as you can, because they are already backordered now that the cold weather rolls around. IMG_6870





IMG_6866 (1)


Boots: LL Bean • Vest: J.Crew Factory • Scarf: Forever 21 (not online, similar) • Jeans: Gap (my first pair of gap jeans in a while, and the “resolution” ones fit so well) • Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) • Socks: Forever 21

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