Style Spotlight • Autumnal Socks

 Autumnal socks are the accessories of the  fall season as they compliment riding boots, leggings, jeans, bean boots, and rain boots. It’s always nice to keep your sock selection interesting with a variety of prints, knits, and lengths.

Here are some of my favorite socks/wish-listed socks.

J.Crew Camp Socks


J.Crew camp socks are a classic. They will look good with anything and they are nice and thick for cold weather. They are my absolute favorite pair of socks! Try out J.Crew Factory for a cheaper camp sock.

J.Crew Marled Socks


These socks would be perfect with low top sneakers to add a little detail to any outfit.

Madewell Varsity Striped Trouser Socks


Having just bought these from Madewell, they’ve quickly become a favorite. The length is just right for high top sneakers, but could probably stretch enough for bean boots. The varsity stripe is awesome too!

Madewell Printmix Trouser Socks


Fun socks for a fun person – mixed patterns is the way to go!

Forever 21 Varsity Striped Over-the-Knee Socks00142547-02

I just placed a sock order at Forever 21 a few days ago, and I think they just added these and I’m so bummed I missed them!

Forever 21 Marled Over-the-Knee Socks


 I might just have to place another order, because I missed these too :-/

Forever 21 Crotchet Trimmed Crew Socks00140750-02

Crotchet trimmed socks looks so good with high top sneakers with are what I use as kind of my lazy day shoes in the fall.

I love finding printed socks also! J.Crew, Old Navy, and Forever 21 are ideal for those, while stores like LL Bean, Madewell, and J.Crew are great for finding thick woven (sometimes wool) socks.

monogram 154x154


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