Why You Should be Using Coconut Oil

My apologies for getting this post up on Monday as opposed to Saturday. I had it all ready to go but forgot to push “publish” I suppose, and just now noticed! Anyways, onto the post:


Coconut oil is a relatively unknown oil, yet it contains so many wonderful properties that everyone ought to know about. My family and myself are all avid users of coconut oil and we have all really seen a huge difference in using it for its many purposes. Some of the best uses I’ve come across are below:

Makeup Remover

The oil alone works great on a cotton pad to remove that tough waterproof mascara. It is also handy to slather all over your made up face (dry) and then wash off with a cleanser.

Teeth Whitening

Perhaps the most peculiar way to use it is to “oil pull”. All you have to do is get a spoonful of coconut oil (some may prefer to melt it first) and swish in your mouth for 5-10 minutes. Don’t swallow the oil when you’re done, reason being that the oil is now chock full of toxins that it removed from your mouth. Also, don’t spit it into the sink because that could clog the drain once it solidifies; instead, spit it into a plastic bag, a lined trash can, or somewhere outside. Then, swish some water around in your mouth and spit it out. After that, drink a full glass of water to further flush out your mouth. This is an informative article of why you should oil pull, but I can say that I definitely recommend it, as it whitens your teeth, removes the multitudes of toxins in your mouth, and leaves you with that after dentist appointment clean feeling.


For a healthy alternative to butter when cooking, put a pat of coconut oil in the pan next time. Not only is it healthier, but if you get virgin coconut oil, it adds a little flavor to your dish. I love taking a large handful of snap peas and tossing them in a heavily coconut oiled pan with pepper flakes, lemon juice, and fresh chopped mint!

Deep Conditioner

Coconut oil works wonders for hair! It is really nice to put a liberal amount in your hair on the weekend (you do not want to be going out in public like that) and leave it in for an hour or longer. When you rinse it off, make sure you shampoo well because occasionally you hair still may look greasy even after a shower.

Moisturizer and Lip Balm

The oil as is makes a full body moisturizer, and gives that sun-kissed, smooth look to your legs. Also, if you’re ever out of chapstick, give coconut oil a shot! Heres a nice recipe for gifts or party favors of some sort.

Hair Growth

In addition to a deep conditioner, the oil really helps lengthen your hair. Just cut your hair too short for your liking? Coconut oil!


Shaving legs with coconut oil works so well and leaves your legs moisturized (so skip the lotion) and soft! Be careful though because if a jar of coconut oil is contaminated with water, it will turn rancid, so only bring a small dish in the shower with you.

Eyelash Serum

For the longest time, my eyelash on one eye were significantly longer than the other. I started to rub some coconut oil on one eye before bed, and within a month or so, the were equal length. As with eyelashes, coconut oil can be used to grow out eyebrows. Maybe you accidentally over plucked them or want a thicker, more bold brow…coconut oil can solve that!

Other Health Benefits

Coconut oil can improve brain function, lower cholesterol, etc. Read this article for a more in-depth look at health and coconut oil.

I hope this provided some of you with a great new insight into the uses for coconut oil!

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