Autumn Wishlist

Fall fashion is always plenty of fun to follow and shop for because of the emphasis on the season’s trends and colors. Despite the fact that my bank account has stayed the same for a month now, this girl’s got to do some serious fall shopping!



I’m so torn on if I want a pair of drivers or penny loafers! I wore a pair of my mother’s Cole Haan ones all the time freshman year, and since I grew out of them, I have a hunch to get myself a pair because they are one of those shoes that everybody needs.

Blue Button Down


Having finally purchased a classic white button down (the one I’ve been eyeing at J.Crew for quite some time), a blue one would be a very useful addition to my closet for any season. I’m hoping for more of a lightweight oxford, because surprisingly normal oxfords aren’t my favorite because they can get a little stiff and masculine in my opinion. A navy gingham button down would also work seamlessly with a fall wardrobe.

Ballet Flats


The few pairs I have of ballet flats won’t suffice for much longer, considering how often I wear them. A classic pair of navy or nude ones like these would be perfect. I’m loving the unique pointed ones at J.Crew also.

Skinny Jeans


I feel like this one is a constant for me, because I can never find the perfect pair of skinny jeans (probably because I have some mission in my head to find really good jeans for really cheap, which I don’t think will ever happen for me). This season, however, I wouldn’t mind too terribly much to spend more than I normally would for that perfect true blue jeans.

“Ghillie” Lace-up Flats


Apparently “ghillie” style shoes are one that lace up and that everyone seems to be loving this season. The oh-so-popular pair from Topshop are on trend, but also not too far from what I would normally wear and what I would consider classic.

Barbour Beadnell


Okay, this is a stretch because I don’t know how much money is too much money for me to spend on one jacket (especially as a student). My conflict lies within the fact that I know I would wear a Barbour into the ground and the quality is unbeatable!

Leopard Belt


I always see these belts on sale whether it’s at J.Crew Factory or Old Navy, but a skinny calf hair leopard belt would put a nice touch to any fall ensemble.

Navy & White Striped Boatneck


Of the many stripes I love to wear, I still don’t own a classic woven white boatneck with navy stripes, but this one look to be just right.

• • •

These are in no particular order, but if I were to put one thing at the top of my list (at the moment), I would choose loafers or a Barbour. Looks like I’ve got some saving to do!

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3 thoughts on “Autumn Wishlist

  1. I love everything about this! Fall is definitely my favorite season fashion wise. I’ve added a ton of stuff to my shopping list based off of this post so thank you☺️ Now I can go and spend a ton of money… Yay! 💜


    1. Thank you! I sure hope I didn’t contribute to any shopaholism! As much as I dislike super cold weather, fall is definitely bearable (and I think it’s for sure the best season to dress for also)
      • Emma


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