White After Labor Day

To be perfectly honest, I am not one known to break the “rules” of fashion. The only two I consider more of a preference than a rule is white after Labor Day and mixing patterns. Not only is no white after Labor Day completely impractical for me (I’ve been wearing white an unusual amount lately), but it’s especially been on-trend recently to wear an all white ensemble and white in the winter.

Below is some outfit inspiration for the early fall (well, it’s not quite fall yet, but we can pretend) if you aren’t ready to give up white either.


This was actually my outfit for today! Although the weather is turning at a snail’s pace, my classes are always so cold, so I put a sweater over a white dress. By pulling the sweater up to the waist (its slightly cropped and has a more fitted waistband anyways), it provided warmth and versatility with temperatures.


A total go-to outfit for me, boyfriend jeans, a plain white tee, and white sneakers are a classic combo. Scarlet lips and a leather bag compliment the look nicely.


We all know white top can get a little boring, but discreet details, like embroidery and scallops give a little something to this blouse from Old Navy. Of course, red and tortoise make white much more autumn-like.


A jean jacket can make anything appropriate for fall. Brown leather and leopard print also transition a white eyelet dress seamlessly into fall.


For a year round look, white denim and navy stripes will always work (with the exception of winter and late autumn). This is a nice outfit for early fall, aka September.

Happy Wednesday!



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