Summer Wishlist

I’m really trying to save money this Summer, but I just keep shopping (J.Crew Factory & Old Navy get me every time). The things I’ve been buying haven’t been a waste of money, and I make it a point to buy mostly the classics I will wear all the time which is all well and good, but despite that, I still haven’t found a few things that I’ve been really wanting this Summer, which I know will be useful to put basic outfits together for the school year.




I’ve grown out of almost all of my skirts, so now I am left with only 2 warm weather skirts (which are both quite short on me). I’m particularly on the hunt for a navy skirt because, sadly, I had to give away my favorite navy skirt, as it is just too small. I just can’t seem to find a good navy skirt anywhere, so let me know if you’ve found a good one! I’m also looking for a linen skirt and a white skirt, for casual days.




The same story as above applies to my dress situation; I’ve grown out of all my warm weather ones. I recently purchase three sundresses from Old Navy, which I love. Regardless, I still would like to find a few shift dresses, and most importantly, the perfect striped dress.




I have quite the collection of button down shirts, but I noticed I don’t have a white button down that is the perfect fit. There’s not much point in buying cheap button downs (or anything, for that matter) that don’t fit well, as opposed to buying the classics that I will wear into the ground, for more expensive. I’m thinking about buying the J.Crew Boy shirt in white; it fits and tucks well, it’s just fairly see through, and I don’t think I’ll buy it full price because of that.




I would love to try out “boyfriend” jeans, I just haven’t found a great pair yet. Also, I shrunk my J.Crew Factory navy chino shorts in the drier, and now I need to repurchase, because they were my most worn shorts. I’m thinking I’m going to try another store for chino shorts, beside J.Crew Factory, because for some reason, they took away/sold out all of their 4″ inseam chinos; 5″ is too long for me, and 3″ is a little short.

Let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for where I can find any of the above



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