Let’s Get Preppy!

I’m trying something new again on the blog today, an interview with a fellow blogger, color enthusiast, and  expert picture taker, Kathleen from Let’s Get Preppy. Kathleen hosts one of my favorite fashion blogs and Instagram accounts, full of all kinds of pretty things. Read on to hear Kathleen’s opinions on all things fashion!IMG_6500


Who or what inspired you to begin your blog?

 Starting a blog was just a random thought one day, and looking at a few other blogs gave me some ideas as to what exactly I wanted my blog to be.  No one specific person nor thing inspired it really, it was a thought that snowballed into something much larger and in turn required a bit of research that helped me develop the idea.

Did you have any expectations or goals for Let’s Get Preppy when you began it a year ago? Have you met or exceeded any of those goals?

I didn’t have any real goals or expectations but it was something I wanted to do for myself. I hoped my posts would encompass my style and personality, which I feel it has! I never would have thought it would be where it is today and I am always stunned that it’s come so far.


What are your top five fashion staples?

 I love my herringbone vest, a white collared shirt, simple flats, dark denim, and pearls.

With all those crazy styles trending today, why do you prefer to keep your wardrobe preppy and classic?          

I love picking pieces I can see myself wearing years from now. I think the stereotype of a classic wardrobe is that it is simplistic and plain, and while I do have a fair amount of pieces that fit this norm, I have plenty of color and bolder pieces as well. Ultimately, I prefer spending my money on pieces I know I will get a ton of wear out of and that will be something I can wear when I’m older, and most importantly that I love!

boston cupcake(via)      

What is something you would buy in a heartbeat if money was unlimited?

If I could buy all of the Lilly Pulitzer store, I would. But if I had to choose just one piece, I would probably splurge on a Kate Spade dress or a really nice bag.

Of all the pretty Lilly prints, which one is your favorite?

This is a tricky one! I’d probably say Let’s Cha Cha, but I do love Tusk in Sun as well. I can’t decide!



What “trend” have you been loving this season?

  I really love the looser pajama-esque shorts that are popular right now! They are so comfortable yet still can be worn in a put-together outfit.

What is one thing you’ve learned through your blogging journey (so far)?

Everything takes time. Nothing is overnight, and hard work and dedication will pay off over time!

bow belt


A big thanks to Kathleen for answering my questions and sharing a little bit of advice! Don’t forget to check out her fun blog here. (P.S. Her Instagram might be your new favorite, too)



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