Independence Day Outfit Ideas

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited! Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays (besides Christmas and Easter), because it celebrates this beautiful country of ours. I like to think of myself as a self proclaimed patriot, and I tend to wear red, white, and blue frequently because the colors go so well together and why not celebrate my freedom and my country everyday? It was tough to pick just a handful of patriotic outfits, but I hope this gives you a new set of inspiration for your holiday weekend.

• one •


If you want to be classic while still being comfortable, a shift and sneakers might be your best bet.

• two •


This is the outfit I’m leaning towards for the fourth, because its got all the components of a great preppy outfit- button down, chinos, and Jack Rogers.

• three •


What a fun and flirty outfit! I’ve got the short sleeve navy version of this dress and it would work well with this outfit also.

• four •


Red, white, and blue in the preppiest form: white jeans, a blue button down, and ballet flats.

• five •


The most casual of the bunch , linen shorts and a loose t-shirt is a perfect way to celebrate in style.

• six •

IMG_0797You can’t go wrong with stripes and white chinos; nor can you go wrong with classic red, white, and blue on any day of the year.

• seven •

IMG_0799I’ve really been loving white on white, so my ballet flats and Longchamp add the needed red and blue (well, navy, but that’s always appropriate).

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6 thoughts on “Independence Day Outfit Ideas

  1. While three would be my normal choice, there is just something I’m loving about two! Plus you could always add a statement necklace or earrings if it needed to be dressed up a bit for a certain party.

    Love the options!


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