Social Media!

Here are some of my social media platforms I wanted to share with you:



I am most active on my Instagram (@pursuitofprepblog)! Not only am I “active” on my side, but I do check my feed, so I frequently like pictures and follow those who follow me. I don’t find it productive to be like those accounts who follow tons of other users (just to gain followers in return) and never check their feed, because if we all did that, then we wouldn’t get anywhere. Let me know what your Instagram username is and I can give you a follow:) Here is a link to my profile.



Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I love using Pinterest because there are so many photos out there for fashion, life, food, and fitness inspiration. I love to follow boards as well as make them. Click this link to my Pinterest profile.



I got a Bloglovin’ account the other day so I could follow other bloggers who aren’t blogging through WordPress without having to create an account for every blogging website out there (and other bloggers can follow me without having a WordPress either). I have a ” Follow me on Bloglovin’ ” button down in the side bar, so feel free to do that (and I will follow back!). For a link to my Bloglovin’ profile, click here!



I also created a Tumblr recently and it would help me out a lot if you gave me a follow, and I will do the same! Here is the linkI’m still figuring it out, so bear with me here.

P.S.→ I have a Twitter (@pursuitofprep), but don’t use it too often. I don’t have a personal Twitter so I am not familiar with the layout and I’m not a huge fan of it, but I will try to tweet more often.

Thanks for reading this incredibly boring post,



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