A Classic Rain Coat

Phew! I’m so sorry for abandoning my blog for almost a month! It’s always the same reason-SCHOOL (which is done in 5 days!). What makes the approaching finals season and the absurd amount of homework worse, is that Colorado has been acting a lot like Seattle for about two weeks now. I am NOT a rain lover by any means, nor do I like the cold, which is ironic because I live in Colorado.

My birthday was last Saturday, the 16th, and let me tell you, my parents are truly the best and hit my golden birthday out of the park. I’m so grateful for all the special effort and gifts from my friends and family to make my birthday great.

When I opened up the present that held this classic rain jacket, I was overjoyed! I haven’t had a rain jacket in a year or so, which tells you something about how weird this rain is! Despite my excitement to wear the jacket, I had remembered that I saw comments on an Instagram that it is completely not water resistant, which concerned me. However, I ran it under a heavy stream of water for a while as well as wore it under a steady drizzle all day, and it repelled the water perfectly. So, despite popular belief, I’m here to tell you that I absolutely love this jacket (and all the other colors are perfect). My only complaint is that it is not as flattering as it could be, but I don’t mind too much. I definitely appreciate the details and construction, including the zipper and the cute little buttons, as well as the cute rope that allows for a cinched waist and hood.

Without further ado, an outfit that actually brightened the gloomy day:





(curly hair + humidity = really big hair)




Raincoat: J.Crew Factory (true to size) • White Jeans: American Eagle (part of their “Denim X” line, which is so, so comfortable) • Striped Shirt: J.Crew Factory • Sunglasses: J.Crew Factory • Tote: Longchamp • Sneakers: Converse Jack Purcells- can’t find anywhere online, but they were found in Nordstrom (I have the Low Profile, which are I think are better for those with smaller legs, because they aren’t as bulky as the classics)



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