10 Classic Fashion Staples

I always hear about seasonal fashion staples, but general fashion staples are less common. Here is my take of the 10 items every woman should have it her closet:

Medium Blue Skinny Jeans


Ballet Flats


Crew Neck Sweater


Button Front shirt


Loose White T-shirt


 Mini Skirt


Black Pants or Jeans


Shift Dress


Striped Shirt (boatneck)


Leather Riding Boots


It was difficult single out just ten items that I believe are the ultimate wardrobe staples, but each of these really do prove their function for any event and (almost) any season. The best part about these classics is that there has been so many redesigned versions of them, which justifies why a lot of people (especially preps) own more than just one of each of the listed above (with the exception of riding boots, one pair is usually all that is necessary). All of the variations have allowed them to stand the test of time. Classic pieces, like the ten above (and then some), are worth the price and hunt to find the perfect fit, color, material, and length because these are the pieces that you wear into the ground.



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