My Lilly for Target Experience


Lilly for Target…so many mixed emotions on this partnership. If you know what Lilly for target is, you’ll know how angry some people were with the collab in general, the little stock, the website crash, and the unfair eBay monopolies. I, for one, disagree with those who despise the idea of Lilly for Target because it will be sold to the ‘white trash’ aka those who don’t ‘deserve’ to be wearing such a special, preppy brand, when in truth it was the actual Lilly lovers who stayed up late, woke up early, and waited in line, not a bunch of phonies who don’t even know what Lilly is.

Besides that, the rest of the frustration is relatable. Luckily, I was the second in line (but still sprinted to the clothing sections), and got some decent selection, but although I never looked back, those behind me were most likely strangling each other with scarves or staring in dismay at the empty racks either because of the little stock or those who took whole rack of dresses to sell similar to a full price Lilly dress on eBay. The eBay monopoly is robbing people of their money and hopes!

Also, the online situation was very disappointing to me – I wasn’t sure when online shopping opened to the public, but I heard 11 o’clock (my time). At 11, I refreshed and refreshed the page and sometimes it appeared with an error page and other with just the lookbook. Then, after checking various social media sites, I learned that the site was open for about 10 minutes until the website crashed. By the time it half-way reopened for me, everything looked to be gone. Target claimed the site would be up and running ‘soon’, and I took that as maybe there will still be some items in stock… I stayed up until 1:30, then I realized the items were actually out of stock, and it wasn’t just a website malfunction. And then I cried until I realized it’s silly to get so worked up over the two dresses I wanted. But really though, why would they make the two cutest shifts online exclusives?!

I don’t find it fair, however, that under the criticism, the Lilly Pulitzer side of the collaboration is being criticized. I think Lilly did a great job with the designs, prints, and fit of the items. It was more so Target who is to blame for the little stock (online and in stores), the website issues, and worst of all, the unlimited amount of products costumers can buy (aka the evil eBay-ers).

My mom and I waited in line for an hour, and were second in line! At our Target, there was only 40 or so in line, but the merchandise was gone in about a minute. In front of us, were originally two ladies, but there group grew to about eight, which was not very fair. They were also the ‘buy everything’ type. I was listening to one say that she bought $1000 worth of Lilly the night before, ‘for her friends’ (and most likely to sell). But luckily, I go to a huge school though, so I am a professional at wieving in and out of people:) Once they opened the doors, I squeezed past the group in front of us and literally was running to the racks (while unofficially racing a woman next to me). I grabbed what I could and went to the dressing rooms, but I’m kicking myself for that now because I probably missed the sizes I needed in the frenzy of shoppers.

Anyways, I left with the Nosie Posey tank, the Happy Place fringe scarf, a pink shift , a navy shift, a pink raffia tote, and a crochet tank. I fairly pleased, considering so many were let down, but I wish I could’ve bought the Nosie Posey shift, the gold pineapple sandals, and the Happy Place shift. I got caught up in the moment and grabbed and ran to the changing rooms, which was a huge mistake, because there was never a ridiculous line for them, and I’m positive I completely missed a couple of things I really wanted. Because of Lilly for Target’s success, I so hope that they bring it back next Spring!

Please excuse the terrible format and wordiness of this post, I just have so much to say about Lilly for Target. Also, check out my Instagram (here), for some of the items I might be willing to trade for. I haven’t posted about this yet on my Instagram, but I do have a pink ‘See You Later’ shift in a size 2, that I am looking to trade for (hopefully the Nosie Posey shift in a size 4 or the crochet tank in an xs), so if you have something you might want to trade for let me know:)


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