Long-Term Wishlist

I’ve always been a dreamer in the sense of when I grow up. I hope to be a PA as an adult or something in the medical field, which may mean I would have the money to spend on the classic, beautiful, and well-crafted items below

Burberry Trench Coat ($1,795)


I don’t even know how to explain how much I love this trench. Of course, $1,795 is a small fortune, and I’m not sure when I will ever reach the point that I would spend that type of money on a coat… but it is Burberry!

Jimmy Choo Pointed Toe flats ($550)


I tried these on at Nordstrom and fell in love! I am a sucker for pointy toes as they are classic and ladylike. I bet these are a thousand times more comfortable than pointed toe heels!

Salvatore Ferregamo Vara or Varina Flats ($525)


I have been such a fan of Ferregamo Vara (small heel) and the Varina (flat) shoes. Some of my favorite bloggers, including Sarah Vickers and Sydney from Summer Wind have cultivated my love for these patent, bow-toed beauties

Prada Cap-Toe flats ($570)


Such a classic! The colors, cap-toe, and bow all makes these flats worth the $570

Any Kate Spade Wicker Bag


I can’t get over the handful of Kate Spade wicker bags available each season! The lemon one above is my favorite (next to the snail one) because lemonade is my favorite food (yes, it’s a food)!

The list is already growing as I think about it, but I think I will end it at these 5 to spare you from boredom and to spare me from depression, because it may take years to collect all these!



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