Lilly for Target Giveaway!

IMG_4809Have you entered my Instagram giveaway yet? In honor of receiving 200 followers on my Instagram account (@pursuitofprepblog) I am hosting a little giveaway for a Lilly Pulitzer for Target cosmetic bag as well as a few other goodies inside. Since this is my first giveaway, I originally made the rules hard to follow, and many people assumed that if you liked my picture, you were entered, but there is more to it! The rules are as follows

1. Follow me on Instagram (@pursuitofprepblog)

2. Comment on one other account about my giveaway, tagging me in it 

(EX: “Enter @pursuitofprep ‘s giveaway”)

3. Visit my blog

4. Comment your Instagram username on any blog post of mine 

After that, you are good to go! The giveaway ends this Friday and I will announce it on Instagram:)



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