Saturday Shopping

  Today I tagged along with my brother to the mall, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack, and while I didn’t buy anything (I’m so proud of myself!), everyone is really hitting the nail on the head with Spring fashion.



This picture does not do these loafers enough justice! Soft leather, beautiful topstitching, and a classic design, it doesn’t get much better than that. Well done, LL Bean!

I also loved these driving mocs


I finally found some Jack Purcell’s I could try on (for size reference, because they run different than Chucks). Nordstrom didn’t carry the classic JP’s, but instead the ‘Low Profile Slip‘ ones, which mean they have a thinner rubber foxing along the bottom and lack the extra rubber toe cap. I have yet to try on the classic sneakers, but I really loved the low profile ones, as they seem like they would be less bulky and more feminine (and the laces are cord-like, which is nice)

IMG_4681(a picture I took to remember because I am asking for them for my birthday; also the laces and canvas ‘toe cap’ is more visible)


Among all the other beautiful Kate Spade bags, I fell in love with the Tory Burch Robinson Micro tote/crossbody (so much that I took a picture with it). The only flaw is that it is $425, but long-term wise, that is the perfect size crossbody (I’m more inclined to like the smaller crossbody bags, but those with enough space to be practical like this one)!


See what I mean? Kate Spade is so beautiful! Also, the scalloped items quickly drew my attention.

Oh, and I tried on a pair of Jimmy Choo pointed flats and decided they would be mine someday when I want to spend $550.


         IMG_4691             3680151

Espadrilles seem to be booming this season; they’re everywhere! My favorite espadrille style I’ve seen is laced ones. When I saw these at Nordstrom Rack, I fell in love (navy and white stripes also make them irresistible). Also these super cute wedges from the same brand, Tesori.



I was so close to getting this black tote (looks so similar to the coveted Mansur Gavriel), until I decided it wasn’t too Spring appropriate. Old Navy did a great job with this tote though, especially the faux leather that feels almost like and looks like real leather.


These shorts (mentioned here) are so comfortable, with pretty color options. The length, 3.5″ is also perfect!

Have a great end to your weekend



7 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping

  1. I absolutely love your blog I think that this is the most awesome blog I have ever seen. I love your style. Btw your brown Tory burch cross body purse is the cutest purse I have ever seen. This is for the Instagram contest @oliviag1001 P.S. Thanks for helping me enter your contest that was very nice


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