Forever 21 Contemporary

Despite critical opinions of Forever 21, in the past year, they have made a huge leap towards better quality and designed clothing while still keeping the price point low. Plenty of people complain of the low quality, but I have never had anything from there unravel in the wash or rip when I bend over. Some of the pieces Forever 21 makes are so outlandish and not at all my style, but there contemporary line (called Love 21) has some great dresses, blouses, skirts, and shorts. Of course, not the preppiest of items are found here, but Love 21 is abundant with pretty details, embroidery, chiffon, classic cuts, eyelets, lace, linen and stripes. So, if you are a proclaimed critic of Forever 21, I would give it another chance with their new arrivals.

Here are some of my favorite new arrival from Forever 21’s contemporary line:


Pretty and feminine with a modern shape, this top is great for spring                         (it looks exactly like one of my favorite shirts from Nordstrom Rack)


I’ve never seen a chambray tank top, so this is a unique change to the basic tank


A classic cut with a twist on the stripes, this dress is on my wish list.


If you’ve read this post, you’ve seen this dress before; it looks so ladylike and subtle, if only I can find it in stores.


These linen drawstring shorts look so comfortable and flattering. Plus, linen shorts always seem to be made in lighter colors (comes in ‘khaki’ also), but the navy is right up my alley


 Embroidery was on my ‘Spring Staples‘ post, and shortly thereafter, I found this in stores after loving it online. I tried it on and fell in love! Unfortunately, my cart was already full and my wallet was not


Another beautiful embroidered piece, this dress is just the inverse of the above shirt’s colors. Blue & white is such a great color combo, especially for embroidery.


Looks like the Lilly Pulitzer Elsa at a fraction of the price! A floral blouse is perfect for Spring



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