Smitten with Stripes

Of course, you can never have too many stripes! My family and friends are always teasing me that I have too many stripes, but they are all different to me: shape, neckline, stripe color, and background color all distinguish striped pieces. I’ve lately been loving stripes more than usual, however, and even added two new striped pieces to my closet today from Forever 21, which never has a shortage of stripes. Stripes resonate with Spring and Summer for me, so I have been on the look on for more classic stripes

Here are some stripes I would love to own:


J.Crew Factory (the other color options are great too!)


J. Crew Factory (J.Crew Factory’s ‘high-waisted’ pleated shorts have such a great fit to them)


Old Navy (I tried these on it store and developed a slight infatuation with them)


Forever 21 (I picked this up in the store today; I appreciate the boatneck and the height at which the stripes start)


Forever 21


Forever 21 (top)


Forever 21 (bottoms)

This matching set is adorable and doesn’t consist of a crop top that resembles a bra. I tried this on in stores and they are made of a woven, thick material with vibrant stripes and a flattering shape.

I just noticed that every item is navy or blue… (yikes, sorry about that!)



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