Spring Staples

The weather is finally starting to feel like Spring, which is surprising, especially with the mild Winter that Colorado had (knock on wood!). February and March, both way past my tolerance for Winter weather, are usually when the snow hits the hardest, but that hasn’t happened this year and fingers crossed we won’t experience crazy Colorado weather too bad this Spring.

At least for now, no longer are we restricted by huge jackets, pants, boots, scarfs, and gloves, but we can enjoy skirts, dresses, tank tops, shorts, and sandals.

Here are some of my Spring favorites:

1. Chino Shorts


Chino shorts are my ultimate warm weather staple because they are comfortable, versatile, and classic. They are easy to dress up with a pair of leather sandals (Jack Rogers create the perfect combo) and a button down/OCBD or a flowy top tucked in. Dress them down with converse, flip-flops, or sandals, and a t-shirt or a casual tank top. J.Crew sells great chinos, and cheaper options are Old Navy and Target.

2. Jack Rogers


Jack Rogers are my favorite sandals because they are a step above flips flops, but still a nice pair of summer sandals. They are casual but can also be worn with formal attire. There is plenty of colors and color combos available. The one thing I will say about Jacks is they aren’t very comfortable (although most say the opposite) but I just put a gel pad on the ball of the foot area and it helps out. Also, if needed, place a patch of moleskin on the heels to prevent from the indentations from rubbing. Some day, I may convert to Palm Beach Sandals because I’ve heard they are more comfortable, supportive, and they are made in the USA.

3. Loose T-Shirts


An essential in any closet, loose, flowy t-shirts look put together yet relaxed without any effort. Linen and a loose t-shirt is a winning combo in my book, as well as with chino shorts.

4. White Dress


White dresses are the spring/summer dress because they are an effortless, breezy piece. I believe every woman should own a black, navy, and white dress (my 3 favorite neutrals). I saw this dress at Old Navy and fell in love with it. The picture doesn’t show it very well, but the embroidery and cut make for a perfect white dress.

5. Linen


Linen button downs, skirts, pants, and shorts are always spring appropriate. I am always wearing linen in the spring because it is very breathable as we adjust to the warm weather. I have a pair of these Forever 21 shorts in red, but the pictured ones in white might just have to be mine soon. I also tried on these shorts (in a periwinkle color) recently at Old Navy, and they are perfect for spring!

6. Patterned Dress



Spring is all about pattern, and to me, all about dresses and skirts. The top dress has such a beautiful vibrant print; the bottom dress is more subtle, but none the less adorable with a classic cut. Of course, Lilly Pulitzer is the queen of patterned dresses, and you can never go wrong with a Lilly dress!

7. Stripes


This goes for every season! To incorporate stripes into your spring wardrobe, opt for a lightweight fabric or short-sleeve or tank. Three-quarter length sleeves are also nice for the colder nights. The shirt above is ideal for warm temperatures because of the three-quarter length sleeves and chiffon woven back. Pair with simple bottoms, like a linen skirt, chino shorts, or white jeans. I have also seen a lot of striped shorts; J.Crew Factory is selling striped shorts that are just gorgeous.

8. Jean Shorts


For casual occasions, a pair of denim shorts are nice to have around. It’s upsetting to see 1/4 of the girls at my school wear shorts that resemble underwear and don’t cover anything; it classless. Any pair of shorts shorter with an inseem less than 3 inches is pushing it, so please take this into consideration, especially when buying jean underwear shorts;) I am all for a boyfriend, distressed look, but sometimes with shorts, it is difficult to find because so many are absolutely destroyed, showing unnecessary skin. The ones above are more like essentials because of the classic design, cuffs, and true blue color.

9. Lightweight Chiffon Blouse


Chiffon is appropriate for more formal events as well as school. A chiffon blouse, (white is the best neutral for spring) couples well with skirts for fancier occasions; for a casual outfit, chiffon and (boyfriend) jeans creates a unique contrast. The ruffled sleeves are such a pretty detail on this blouse, and the color options are gorgeous.

10. White Jeans


White jeans embody preppy Spring fashion so well! They are crisp and compliment every pastel and bright color Spring brings. White jeans and Jack Rogers are a paragon of Spring to me.

11. Embroidery


I’m not just talking monograms here! It’s all in the details, and embroidery adds a feminine, special touch to your clothing. If looking for a more subtle adornment, white with white embroidery looks beautiful. I have the dress above in white with red embroidery (side note: it is very sheer, but a slip will fix that) and it has a beautiful design and a flattering cut.

12. Flip Flops


A more casual pair of sandals is a welcomed change after breaking in those new Spring shoes. Comfort does not equal ugly, though, so I prefer the foam soled flip-flops with critters, rope, anchors, etc on the straps.

13. Sandals with a strap over the toe 


I saw these sandals last year at J.Crew and fell in love, but I love the addition of the strap around the back for support this year at J.Crew Factory. There is really two types of over the toe strap sandals: ones with straps around the ankle (commonly found in high heels) or ones with two straps over the foot (pictured).

14. Cardigan

jcrew-purple-factory-clare-cardigan-product-1-19249383-0-509326639-normal_large_flexA (crew-neck) cardigan is perfect for windier days or chillier nights. It’s always easy to find in pretty pastels, but important to have the basic white (and navy or gray) cardigan. Cardigans add a pop of color to any outfit. My favorite use of a cardigan with the above staples is with white jeans and a chiffon blouse.

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