More About Me » 20 Facts

Happy April everyone!

While I have only been blogging for a little, and haven’t had much time to, I would still like to introduce myself further to y’all with some random facts about me:

1. I am almost 16 years old

2. I live on the border of Cherry Hills Village and Englewood (close suburbs of Denver, CO)

3. I am a Colorado native

4. My siblings and I have lived in this house since birth

5. I have 3 siblings: a younger sister, an older sister, and an older brother

6. My little sister’s birth was a huge milestone in our lives, because we kids have a 9+ years age gap between her and us

7. I used to have terrible style throughout middle school, but thank goodness for Pinterest!

8. I never really knew or embraced my curly hair until about 1 year ago, and now I know all about it  (there is much more care that curly hair requires than you may think) and fully embrace it

9. I am a bargain hunter (and a good one at that!)

10. I have played lacrosse since 4th grade, but quit I this year to play tennis

11. I am a sophomore

12. I really want to be healthy, but my mother’s cooking and baking skills are AH-MAZING

13. I am a very neat person; my room is always clean and my bed is always made. It’s always upsetting when hosts don’t clean up for guests

14. I almost always do my homework

15. I regularly attend church and my small group, both full of wonderful, loving friends and leaders

16. My siblings ages are 7, 18, and 20

17. A few of my weaknesses: berries, bread, and chocolate chip cookies

18. I want to be a PA (physician assistant)

19. I really love stripes

20. Lemonade is my absolute favorite drink and food (yup, it’s a food)



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