Favorites Lately

Again, my schedule has been crazy busy the last few weeks! Homework has doubled since the beginning of the new semester and tennis is about to start up.

Anyways, I have been meaning to post on my favorite items for the month of January, so I decided I would share my very late January favorites and an early February favorites.

Longchamp Le Pliage


As mentioned in my last post, I absolutely love my navy Longchamp Le Pliage (large). I use it for classes and, although it isn’t a fashion statement in and of itself, it matches and compliments every outfit.

Beauty Blender (type) Sponge


I don’t own a real Beauty Blender, because sponges shouldn’t have to cost around $20, but I picked one up from TJ Maxx last month. I use it everyday (along with my Maybeline Dream Fresh BB cream) and have to say that it was money well spent (even though it was only $4, significantly cheaper than a Beauty Blender).


NYX Dreamcatcher Palette


I have been using the NYX dreamcatcher palette (in “Dusk till Dawn”) almost everyday since I got it for Christmas. It’s so versatile, with light, dark, sparkly, and matte colors. I most often use the pinky white shade over my whole eyelid and mixing the matte brown (top row, far right) and sparkly bronze (bottom row, middle) in my crease/outer corner.

Ballet Flats


I’ve been loving the classic look that ballet flats bring to any outfit. For a winter appropriate look, flats work great with any combination of skinny jeans, oxford, basic top, cardigan, or vest. The Tory Burch ones pictured above are my favorite looking flats of my collection. They polish any look, but I will say they are not exceptionally comfortable for walking around all day (because the elastic in the heel pushes my toes forward into the front of the shoe).

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter


This stuff is AMAZING! It does a great job with hydrating my dry hands and smells exactly like coconuts!

Vitamin E Oil


I also snagged this from Trader Joe’s after reading of the many benefits of vitamin E oil. It is much cheaper and bigger than other bottles of vitamin E oil that I have seen. Vitamin E oil is supposed to really help with aging, and while I don’t need help with that yet, I still use it daily. At night, after I wash my face and remove my makeup, I mix a little bit of the oil with my face moisturizer. I’ve been using vitamin e oil for about a month and within a week of using it, I noticed my face was significantly softer.



I’ve been going for more classic, feminine outfits lately and cardigans are the ideal example of classic. Not only is a cardigan a timeless piece, but they are a great layering piece. If I feel like I might be cold in the morning, but don’t need a jacket (its been in the 70’s here!), I’ll grab a cardigan because it isn’t bulky and therefore, easy to carry in my bag.

Last but not least:

My iPhone 6


Before last week, I had an malfunctioning iPhone 4s. I shattered it in November, and finally got it fixed, but the company who fixed it completely ruined my phone and the touch screen would barely work and the camera would not focus at all. We went back and got it re-fixed, but I was still finding myself pressing the power button countless times a day to try and get some use out of it. Needless to say, I am SO grateful for my iPhone 6 that my father bought me. It works so well, is beautifully designed, and has a great camera!



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