Essentials: Cable Knits

The cable knit sweater, originally from Ireland, is the most classic of all sweaters and perhaps the warmest. Cable knits were made to protect the fishermen and farmers from the elements of land and sea. Each knit is unique, and in the old days of “Aran” sweaters, each knit represented a different clan. Now, cable knits have spread to all edges of the world and don’t necessarily advertise certain clans anymore. Here’s an interesting article of the history and meaning behind these sweaters.

I love cable knit sweaters because they make me feel like I belong on the English or Scottish countryside. I usually pair my cable knits over an oxford or flannel and wear riding boots or my Hunters and a field coat.

Here’s some of my favorite outfits including cable knits:

Barbour 8 small

Sarah Vickers styles her cable knit with a blue oxford, a Barbour coat, and burgundy cords. These are four fall/winter pieces that will never go out of style. I also like the statement necklace and gold bangle to add some sparkle. See the full post here. 

barrington3-1Bess from Belles in Bows styles her LL Bean Fisherman Sweater with a tartan shirt, classic riding boots, a Barbour Beadnell jacket, and an adorable black watch plaid cross body. This is an outfit I could wear it everyday because it’s easy to switch up the shirt underneath, accessories, and shoes/boots. See the full post here.


Again, this is from Belles in Bows blog. This outfit is a great representation of the essential fall/winter layers: vest, sweater, and a button down. For a casual look, she opted for loafers and a baseball hat. See the full post here.



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